About Peter Webb

In July 2016 Peter accepted the position of Director, Research and Curriculum for The ICLIF Leadership and Governance Centre, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He now designs and conducts programs for clients throughout ASEAN.


What is wisdom?

"Wisdom is the pragmatic application of life knowledge, discernment, and compassion for making difficult choices in life. We activate our wisdom resources when we’re faced with a dilemma. So everyone has wisdom to a greater or lesser degree."

Isn’t wisdom just something you get with age?

“Research shows that age is a necessary but not sufficient condition for wisdom. Wisdom performance – making wise decisions - actually flattens out in our late 30’s. So you could be a wise Gen Y or a foolish baby Boomer!

How can I get wisdom?

“Research also shows that life experience is a necessary but not sufficient condition for wisdom. You might have a lot of education or experience but it’s how you apply it to life that matters. Yet wisdom performance can be enhanced through mentoring (and coaching) in particular thinking and reflective practices.

What’s the benefit of wisdom?

“When you’re faced with a big decision or a dilemma – a situation where there isn’t any right answer – chances are you’re going to need your wisdom resources. Research shows that more parts of the brain ‘light up’ when we’re faced with a dilemma than any other condition. In these circumstances you have to make a good decision, where the outcomes not only benefit you but bring about the most amount of ‘good’ to everyone else – even the planet!”

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