Leadership Development

What is the most effective leadership style for the disrupted, uberized, digitized, and bitcoined world of the (very) near future? And how do you train leaders for a business environment that isn't yet clear? The mismatch between current leadership development programs and what future leaders will actually need is enormous and widening.
Leadership programs need four components:
  1. Experiential: Neuroscience shows we learn best when our emotional circuits are activated. When it comes to leadership development it's best to start with the heart.
  2. Being a Leader: Leadership is about "being" rather than "doing". Leaders need to work on their inner game, their core values and fearless purpose, before they can hope to inspire others.
  3. Systemic Context: Leadership development is best conducted within the living system of the organization, not in some "parallel universe" that promotes certain mindsets.
  4. Fewer Experts: Perhaps counter-intuitively, leadership trainers need to act more like guides than experts. They need to work skillfully with live group dynamics, and empower participants to take personal risks and push cultural boundaries.
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Leadership Energy

Why do some leaders seem to never give up no matter what setbacks they face? What drives them to achieve the impossible? Who are the leaders we admire most and why?
The answer is leadership energy. Find out how to identify it and cultivate it in your own life here

Human Capital Consulting

Leading your own enterprise or someone else's is going to get very complicated in the near future. What's needed is an agile response to challenges and opportunities that involves smart management of capital and compassionate management of people.
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